Infinite 3D-printed bacon is the answer to everything, almost

This, my friends, is a piece of 3D-printed bacon that goes on forever. It has no beginning, no end, and only one side, so there's nowhere for the bacon-y flavor to hide. So why is it only "almost" the answer to everything? Just one simple, blasphemous reason: it's vegan.

As clever at 3D printing as Shapeways is, it has not yet figured out how to feed a pig into a 3D printer and then extrude bacon out of the other end. I'm sure that Shapeways is hard at work at making this happen as we speak, but until such problems (which are vital to the future of humanity) get solved, we're stuck with 3D-printed bacon made of non-meat.

The Shapeways 3D-printed bacon you see above is a display piece made of sandstone. You can eat it, and being made of rocks, it likely won't kill you and may not taste any worse than other varieties of vegan bacon, but our recommendation is to just fry up some real ex-live meat-filled bacon and twist it into a Möbius strip by yourself.

That looks damn tasty anyway. It's yours from Shapeways for $19. See more of it in the video below.

Shapeways, via Boing Boing

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