Impending death of the Twinkie stirs up the Internet

You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that Hostess has announced the death of the Twinkie this week. The media has been all over the fate of the much beloved cream filled sponge cake with the reputation of an endless shelf life. Let's face it though, nothing responds to a pop culture tragedy like the true voice of the people — the Internet.

The world has had a day to brace itself regarding announcement that Hostess has filed for bankruptcy and has laid off its entire work force following a labor dispute. The response to the loss of the Twinkie (and it's fellow Hostess products) has been nothing short of the type of panic one might expect from a zombie invasion.

A quick read of social media outlets and countless blogs on the subject have run from the sentimental, denial, outrage, greed and ultimately mobilization to save the iconic treat. Here are some highlights:

  • Twitter has been one of the most popular destinations for people looking to express their feelings on the Twinkie in 140 characters. The hashtag #twinkies will bring up the pulse of the nation regarding the snack. It won't take you long to find a tweet that reflects your feelings. Even websites like weighed in with: "In 20 years, rich potheads will pay top dollar for unopened Twinkies."
  • Ebay is now the destination for the inevitable trade between those desperate to hoard remaining Twinkies, and the greedy few that still have them and are looking to get rich by fulfilling that need. The NY Post reports one auction has even climbed to $10 million for a 10-count box, and that's just one auctioneer.
  • The blogsphere is abuzz with everything from memories of lunchboxes stuffed with the treat, to practical advice on recipes using Twinkies to helpful recipes on how to make the treat at home.
  • Any news of pop culture significance is bound to stir the sleeping beast that is Facebook. Pictures and status updates have mourned the Twinkie and of course there is even a "Save the Twinkie" Facebook page where you can register your support for someone to save the sweet.

So what is really going to happen to the Twinkie? The Seattle Times points out there is the potential for the various Hostess brands to be licensed to other companies so when the furor over the news dies down the reality may be the Twinkie will still exist in some form.

Of course there are other options as one Tweet suggested in a New York Times article. The Internet could come to the rescue and get a "Kickstarter for the new Twinkies going."

That's one option that seems more doable for most people than the $10 million dollar auction — Kickstarter has every kind of project a person could think of. So if the Twinkie and related Hostess products license doesn't get snapped up by another company, we still have the option to kick in $10 to $20 bucks to get a project going.

Whatever fate has in store for the Twinkie — and depending on how deep your love lies for them, you can count on the Internet to help — but likely you'll have to start saving your pennies now.

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