Video of the Day: Skittles sorter divides your candy by color

If you love candy, but only like a certain color and prefer to separate them from the lesser flavors, we've found something for you.

Brian Egenriether created a sorter that organizes your sweets by color. Check out the video below to see it divide out the colors of the rainbow, and here's Brian's description of his Skittles Sorting Machine:

This is a machine I designed to sort Skittles. It uses a BASIC Stamp 2 and 3 servos for actuation. An IR LED and phototransistor are used to stop the turnstile in position. I fabricated may of the parts from epoxy including the body, the turnstile, the chute header, etc. The base is wood and the funnel is from a hummingbird feeder. The rest is made from telescope parts and PVC. I've made some recent modifications to the machine. Now the color detection stage is visible and I painted some previously unfinished parts.

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Via YouTube

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