Hulu adds gaming channel for trailers and reviews

Hulu made a name for itself as an online TV portal, and now it's adding a channel dedicated to game trailers, reviews and other related content. Access to the channel is free on the Web, though the streaming service plans to roll it out for Hulu Plus, too, which commands a subscription fee.

The channel itself looks pretty good. Right now, what's on offer is the latest trailers in delicious high resolution. There's a focus on quick information, with tabs for games soon to be released, reviews from X-Play and news by way of The Electric Playground. Near the bottom of the page Hulu references other shows, documentaries and movies that play into the gaming theme.

The gaming channel is launching exclusively on the Web, but Hulu announced that the game channel will also be expanded to all Hulu Plus enabled devices over the "next few months." If there's a time to start covering games, mid-November is the time to do it. We hear there are some interesting games out there this Winter.

Via Hulu

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