Hit the slopes like Batman on a Snolo Stealth-X carbon fiber sled

Sledding can be tons of fun, but sled technology hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. The Snolo Stealth-X from New Zealand aims to change all that, with high-tech carbon fiber construction that might even tempt Batman into taking a few runs down the local sledding hill.

Unlike most sleds which offer very little control, the Stealth-X has a steerable ski up front, allowing you to change direction using your feet. Best of all when you get to the bottom of the hill, the Stealth-X folds up into a backpack-like shape, making it easy to carry the lightweight sled up the hill for another run.

Unfortunately tech like this isn't cheap, and the Stealth-X is expected to sell for around $3000 when it's launched next month. Still, it could be worth it to become the coolest sledder on the hill. Of course you would also also want to have an appropriate car to zoom off in at the end of your run.

Snolo Sleds, via OhGizmo!

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