Headband lets you monitor your brain waves via smartphone

Wearable tech designed to monitor everything from our heart rate to our sleep patterns is becoming increasingly common. However, one group of inventors want to bring that consumer-friendly approach to wearable tech to the arena of brain wave analysis.

InteraXon is a Canadian company working on introducing a headband called the Muse, a device that uses a four-sensor EEG (electroencephalography) system to monitor your brain wave patterns. For the initial release, the company is offering a Brain Health system app with the Muse that will allow you to wirelessly monitor your brain wave patterns on your smartphone or tablet device (iOS and Android), as well as on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. InteraXon is also offering a software development kit for the device to allow other software engineers to build applications that might allow the Muse to be used as a control interface in the future.

Currently, the Muse is looking for production financing on Indiegogo, where it has already received a great deal of support. The device is slated for release in 2013 for $200, but in the meantime, you can check out a more in-depth explanation of the technology, and few scenes of the Muse in action in the video below.

Via InteraXon

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