Guy builds a backscatter X-ray machine using stuff he found on eBay

Inventor and tinkerer Ben Krasnow must have some pretty rough friends turning up at his parties, because he decided to build his own airport-style backscatter X-ray machine using parts he picked up on eBay.

Krasnow's version works a lot like the big airport ones, with a thin beam of X-rays shot through an ultra-narrow slit in a spinning disc. The reflected X-ray energy is collected by a phosphorous screen and read by a photoelectric multiplier, while the final images are displayed on an oscilloscope.

The resulting images aren't exactly sharp enough to get anyone too excited, and to me they look a lot like the pictures you'd get from the very earliest TV sets. In the video you can see Ben using it to detect a dangerous hex key "weapon" that his raw chicken subject happens to be hiding under its Christmas sweater, but there's no word on whether he eventually plans to test it on human subjects.

Ben Krasnow YouTube channel, via Geekosystem

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