Google's voice-enabled search app challenges Siri on the iPhone

When Apple decided to apologize for its flawed maps in iPhone 5, going as far as suggesting that users try other, competing products like Google Maps, the move raised a few of eyebrows. But now that Google has released its new voice response-enabled search app for the iPhone, it's looking like Apple might have another problem on its hands.

Apple has spent a lot of time and money promoting its Siri voice-controlled search and command system as the future of iOS, but a quick test of Google's new voice-enabled search indicates that Siri may already be obsolete. Like Siri, you can ask the Google Search app a myriad of general questions about flight departures, geography, and general facts.

The search tool can also handle verbal requests for photo and video searches. Asking for the trailer of a movie automatically brings that film's trailer up and starts playing it. Of course the integration with iOS isn't as tight as it is with Siri, but in general the answers and overall responsiveness are just better.

Although the free app is optimized for the iPhone 5, it can be used on iPhones using software versions as far back as iOS 4.3. You can see the Google Search app in action in the video below.

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