Now you can channel surf using Google voice search

If you've had a chance to use Google's voice search tool, then you already know why many feel that it beats the pants off Apple's highly-touted Siri software. Now Google has integrated Google TV functionality into its voice search tool, and the result looks like something from the future.

While the set-up isn't quite like talking to the computer on the Enterprise, it looks close. ("Close" like Scotty talking to his mouse! -Ed)

For example, simply speaking into the remote and saying "CNN" brings up the channel on your screen, and ordering streaming television shows is as simple as speaking the name into the remote. And when you don't remember the name of a show, if you give the system a short description it can offer accurate suggestions. In addition to finding and playing television channels and streaming videos, the voice search also works for finding videos on YouTube.

The voice-to-television search capability is available on the LG Smart TV (G2 Series), the VIZIO Co-Star, and the Sony Internet Player (NSZ-GS7). You can see how voice search for Google TV works in the video below.

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