Get ready for an awesome augmented reality beaver

We all agree that you can do a lot with augmented reality these days. You can have a creepy virtual date, or take part in a fictional conspiracy game. But if you are looking for something just plain cute and clever, we now have Sharky the Beaver, an adorable augmented reality 3D character app for the Sphero orb.

The Sphero is a little robotic sphere with an internal motor controlled by a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet. It has a sophisticated bag of tricks to move around, courtesy of a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. Adding the app turns the sphere into an eager little beaver that walks along and loves to run after the virtual cupcakes you toss at it.

The only trick is to see Sharky, you have to keep the sphere in sight and view it through your device's camera. Otherwise all you'll see is the rolling sphere.

Orbotix has developed both the Sphero, and the Augmented Reality with Sharky the Beaver app. The company is looking to expand its range of characters, which would give people a variety of 3D characters to and play with.

After viewing the video of Sharky in action, he comes across as a mashup of Sonic the Hedgehog and a Tamagotchi. I can envision a world where people will collect the various characters, play with them like pets, and perhaps someday even have their characters interact with each other.

The Sphero has over 20 other apps out there and an SDK that has allowed industrious fans to create their own hacks and apps. The geek out factor with the Sphero orb is pretty high, but now Sharky the Beaver ups its game with cuteness factor.

After all, who doesn't love a good animated beaver that will do anything for a cupcake? Check out the video of it in action below.

GoSphero, via TechCrunch

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