Full-sized F1 race car simulator costs more than a real race car

If you want to feel the thrill of open-wheel racing at home without the danger of actually zooming around a track at 200-mph, you're best bet is probably a high-end race simulator. This one looks like it should do the trick, the only catch being that it costs more than a pretty decent real race car.

The simulator is made by FMCG International, and is designed to look and feel like the real thing, right down to the genuine F1 car tires and brakes. Just why you need those things when you're not going to be moving anywhere isn't clear, but at least it gives the car an authentic feel.

The car comes in either red, silver, or black, and is based on a sort of generic F1 car shape. A little creative sticker application could help make it look like one of your favorite team's cars. The available colors are good if you're a Ferrari, Mercedes or McLaren fan, but I expect you'll need a full respray if you want it to be Red Bull Racing blue or Lotus green.

Without the real countryside zooming past you as you drive, the simulator uses three 23-inch flat screens to show you where you're headed. Sound comes via a 5.1 surround sound system, while the computing needs are handled by a custom built high-end PC.

The biggest bummer is that unlike some high-end systems, the FMCG simulator doesn't have hydraulic actuators to move you around so you get the bumping and g-forces of an actual drive. The car just sits there motionless, so you might as well be on your sofa.

For some reason, the $120,000 FMCG simulator is only available through Costco in the UK. While it would be cool if you could go to the store and load one into your shopping cart, the website tells you to call and place your order over the phone. When it's ready the simulator is delivered and installed, and a person from FMCG trains you to get it working properly.

I wonder if Costco's regular 90 day no-quibble 100% refund return policy applies?

Costco (UK), via Born Rich

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