Forget performance: Honda for women goes for 'beauty' features

The first clue you'll get that this car is targeted to women is the delicate pink color. The other clue the Honda Fit She is targeted to the "fairer sex" is the primary selling features are focused on health and safety features such as anti-wrinkle windshields.

What does it have under the hood? Gas mileage? Even with the help of Google Translate on the official Japanese web page for the Fit She, I couldn't tell you about those features. What I can tell you is the windshield is treated to block 99 percent of UV rays which cause those pesky wrinkles.

It also has an A/C system that contains a "Plasmacluster' system from Sharp. This handy feature emits clusters of ions claimed to be good for the skin, and also scrubs the air of airborne mold fungus.

Lest we should think it's all about a woman's skin, there are other handy features like heated seats, allergy reducing seat covers and even floor mats designed to accommodate women's heels. The company also notes the car is loaded with safety features.

To be fair, some guys probably wouldn't mind the UV windshield and other safety features and it has the option for other colors such as brown, white and black. While the Fit She may attract a few men to the dealer, likely it won't be many.

That's fine by Honda Japan, who is not shy about pushing the car specifically to women. It seems to be part of a growing trend of creating products or specializing models of popular products just for women — everything from computers to Lego kits have gotten the "girlie" treatment.

Is it a smart strategy? Perhaps. Women might be an untapped market for Honda and if some customization to get us purchasing does the trick with the Fit She, then perhaps Honda's engineers and marketers are on to something.

It certainly won't be the first time a car-maker has tried to lure women with special features, but the Fit She is an interesting example of how those features change with the times. From the "glove box" to "plasmacluster" A/C — we've come a long way.

The Honda Fit She is currently only available in Japan so American women will have to wait to find out whether the car's performance matches its pretty, and whether women prefer the feminine focused car.

The vehicle is priced between JPY¥ 1,400,000(USD $17,400) and JPY¥ 1,575,600 (USD $19,580).

Honda Japan, via Springwise

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