Fat-blocking Pepsi debuts — how does that work?

The idea of fat blocking Pepsi certainly caught my attention. Could this new version of the well known soft drink ready to debut in Japan really work? If so I'll drink a gallon a day. The answer is that it's likely a wash.

Here's the scoop — Pepsi Special is well, "special," because of the addition of dextrin. It's a water-soluble fiber supplement that can make you feel more full and have some reduction of fat absorption effects. Basically, it's the same thing as Benefiber.

Plus, we all know what extra fiber can help move things along — for lack of a better way of putting it.

So this is a major breakthrough right? Well, that's hard to say as the Pepsi press release didn't get into how much sugar or corn syrup they might be putting in the drink to achieve what their release, courtesy of Google Translate calls, "[an] aftertaste [that is] crisp refreshing and unique."

That means there could still be a fair amount of calories in the drink despite the fat absorption effects of the dextrin.

The addition of the dextrin and its fat blocking benefits has bumped the drink up into the government-approved category in Japan. Another dextrin soda, Kirin Mets Cola has also received the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association.

A bottle of Pepsi Special will sell for about $2 in Japan starting on November 13.

If this interesting blend of soda takes off, perhaps it will spread worldwide as the drink health conscious soda lovers have been waiting for.

Is it really a healthy drink? If it makes it to the U.S. market, the USDA would have to let us know before it hits shelves. Would people drink it? That depends on what a healthy dose of fiber in your soda actually tastes like.

Something tells me there would be plenty of us who'd be willing to try it…
Pepsi Specia/Press Release, via CNET

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