Facial recognition tech lets stores remember big spenders, idlers

If you're the kind of person who likes to hang out in the local Best Buy checking out its big home theater or playing video games without ever actually buying something, new security software could mess up your strategy.

A new facial recognition system from NEC called NeoFace, lets retail stores track customers by age, gender and personal facial characteristics. Designed for stores with multiple locations, the information is uploaded to a cloud server, where data from all of a chain's stores can be compared.

NEC says that NeoFace is designed to help stores with marketing decisions based on what types of people visit the store at what times, but I'm sure that weeding out tire kickers is a tasty side benefit for the retailers. No longer will you be able to spread your visits out between the various stores in your area, because they will all have the same information about you and your freeloading habits.

On the plus side, the system could also be used to alert staff when a frequent big spender walks into the store, and I suppose you could also load it up with data to flag known shoplifters.

So if we start to see kids with fake moustaches playing video games in the local Walmart electronics department, I guess we'll know why.

Check out the video to see how NeoFace works.

Via DigInfoTV

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