Every issue of National Geographic now available digitally

Remember back when a 1 gigabyte hard drive was an impressive feat, and it was exciting to save a few pages on a floppy disc? Maybe I fall into awe a little too easily at how huge our drives are today, but it blows my personal world away that every single issue of National Geographic is on a 160 GB hard drive.

The hard drive contains every article and (get this) advertisement, along with thousands of photographs, from 1888 to 2009. It come with the usual sounding extras, like a bonus DVD with tips on taking better photos, behind-the-scenes looks at how the magazine is created and exclusive interviews.

What's most amazing to me is the fact that these date back to 1888. Not only were those issues preserved, they're now digital and available to read. Every printed page.
Pretty neat.

Via National Geographic

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