Epic lightning battle powered by old school Tesla coils

Special effects in movies have allowed us to see X-Men emit lasers from their eyes and Iron Man shoot repulsor blasts from his hands, but nothing beats seeing that kind of magic in-person. So it was a special treat when at a recent event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, two men did battle shooting what appeared to be lighting bolts from their hands.

Created by New Zealand electrician Carlos Van Camp, the group calls itself the Lords of Lightning and they use special suits and Tesla coils to give the appearance of two men doing battle with electricity. The stunning effect is powered by a 25,000 volt capacitor, supported by coils situated inside the two elevated platforms the performers operate from. What protects the performers from being harmed by the electricity are special suits worn during the performance which are made of small connected metal links.

You can see the Lords of Lighting in action in the video below.

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