Electronic tracking system on women in Saudi Arabia

Today in technology-and-human-rights events, an electronic tracking system has been put in place in Saudi Arabia. It tracks women, mostly those making cross-border movements, and it alerts their husbands, etc.

The system isn't advanced, and unlike some Americans schools, doesn't involve any electronic tags. Instead, it's a blend of old-school and new-school humans rights violations. When women travel out of the kingdom, they are required to have a "yellow sheet" signed by their husbands/guardians, granting permission.

When women cross the border (or attempt to), their husbands/guardians receive a text message. Even if said husband/guardian is traveling with the woman in question.

This has, obviously, raised a number of humanitarian concerns throughout Saudi Arabia, mostly seen on Twitter.

One thing I have to note about this story that strikes me as a little weird (aside from the entire crazy premise): that's quite a few cell phone numbers to have stored away. The U.S. government can't seem to keep my address straight.

Via The Raw Story

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