Decelerator Helmet slows down reality, in real time

The recent Judge Dredd reboot showed us a world in which a drug could dramatically slow the world down with pleasurable, or horrific effects. Now a very real inventor has created a helmet that simulates that kind of real-time slow motion perception, but without the druggy side-effects.

Created by German artist Lorenz Potthast, the Decelerator Helmet allows the wearer to experience the real world at a slower speed that can be adjusted using a small, handheld controller. Potthast embedded a small computer and head-mounted display inside the helmet, with an additional display on the outside of the device, presumably to allow onlookers to see what the wearer is seeing.

Of course, crossing the street in a traffic-filled city with this thing on wouldn't be a good idea, but in almost any other controlled, assistant-guided situation, this device could deliver an amazing slo-mo vision of reality that has never been seen before.

Potthast makes no mention of the software facilitating the device's functions, nor if he has any plans to take it commercial, but in the meantime you can see the Decelerator Helmet in action in the video below.

Decelerator Helmet, via DesignBoom

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