Create 'Shatisms' with new William Shatner app

At long last, William Shatner has an iPhone app. Whether you remember him from Star Trek or the wake-up call he gave the Space Shuttle Discovery crew on March 7, 2011 (the final day it was docked to the ISS), I think we can all agree that this $2.99 app is overdue.

For your 3 bucks, you get to rearrange a bunch of words that Mr. Shatner prerecorded and make delightful phrases of your own. Then, you can send them to friends who share your enthusiasm for William Shatner and spoken-word poetry. You can even vary the level of intensity of each word by tapping up to three times (for maximim drama output).

Need someone to help you write the perfect Shatism? That's okay, it supports multiple users. The app will also be sending out holiday and special occasion-themed updates to add to your Shatner vocabulary over time.

Be sure to watch the YouTube video below of Mr. Shatner promoting his app. He seems pretty excited and I think that's exactly why people are going to buy it. Why wouldn't you want Shatoetry?

technabob and YouTube, via Engadget

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