Controllable 360-degree cam on F1 racer is pure wooo-hooooo!

It seems Red Bull is at it again, providing us with entertainment that gets the adrenaline going, simultaneously exciting us and making us feel we might lose our lunch. This time it is with an interactive 360-degree camera mounted to the top of one of their Formula One Red Bull racecars.

Cameras in racecars are nothing new these days, but generally you'll only get a few views — depending on how the team covering the race decides to direct the action. Red Bull Racing has partnered with Making View to attach one of their 360-degree ViewCams on the top of their cars and the key difference with this cam is you can control the camera view.

With an online controller you can direct the cam to give you whatever view you choose as the action goes down — driver, front, back and side to side. Having worked with one of these types of cams in action before, I'd say the other interesting element is that it can handle multiple streams. That means you can get the view you want during the action regardless of what another user is doing. Every viewer's experience can be unique.

Imagine what kind of thrill you'd get with the camera mounted on a car during a live race? The cam weighs just one pound, five ounces so it can go just about anywhere — even on athlete's helmets (I personally would love to see this on a downhill ski run during the Winter Olympics).

You can try out the technology on a video where a Red Bull F1 car is running a course over on their website. Here's hoping they launch it for live racing soon!

Red Bull, via

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