Contest to create self-filling water bottles, other cool stuff

You know the old saying: with new surface coatings comes new contests. Well, maybe that one hasn't worked its way into our vernaculars yet, but in the case of NBD Nano, it can be considered solid truth. The company created a new surface coating, and GrabCab launched a contest of the best way to use it.

NBD Nano created a surface coating made of superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic regions, which means regions that attract water and regions that repel it. This is useful for condensation and fog collection.

While collecting condensation and fog might not seem like the most exciting things in the world, consider this: a self-filling water bottle (and, yes, a water source for greenhouse drip irrigation, military water production for remote missions, etc.). How many trips to the water fountain would we all save?! Numerous!

So GrabCad has launched a contest, asking participants to brainstorm the best ways to use this new technology. According to the site, "Prizes to be awarded based on the creativity, feasibility, and overall potential market size of the submission."

We'd love to hear some of your ideas here. Leave them in the comments below!

Via GrabCad

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