Computer graphics display mind-bending new tricks

We already had our minds bent at Siggraph's Emerging Technologies exhibit earlier this year, but some of the new computer graphics technology that will be on display at Siggraph Asia starting next week won't just bend your mind, it'll snap it right in half.

As this video will show, we're rapidly approaching the point where some of the trickiest things to emulate on a computer will become nearly indistinguishable from reality. Things like moving cloth, ultra realistic hair, and smoke in motion. We're not talking just stuff that'll pass in an animated feature, but actual drop-in CG replacements for real life.

There's some amazing stuff in the works, and here's a taste of what's about to be presented at Siggraph Asia:

Want more? Here's a technical paper summary from the stateside conference earlier this year:

And just for the heck of it, a trailer for the 2012 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival:

Siggraph Asia, via BBG

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