Clear cocoon space leaves nothing to the imagination

Cocoon spaces are pretty hot right now. We've even reported on a few — those that envelope you in privacy for relaxation, theater viewing or hidden cat naps. This interesting new model seems to take the exact opposite approach — the orb is clear so we can see you, you can see us.

In fact it reminds me a little of Wonder Woman's invisible plane. I get that with all the nifty interior additions it may be useful, but does the user realize we actually can see you?

Never mind the visibility issue — I suppose if you have a beautiful vista and want to curl up and read a book uninterrupted, Micasa Lab's Cocoon 1 makes perfect sense.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Cocoon 1 measures just under six feet across and comes with three basic models — one that has a 360 foundation to support it resting on the ground and two "pillow 90" modules that can be used for sleeping and storage. The Cocoon 1 can even be hung from a tree via a net — either singularly or in virtual cocoon village.

Aside from being clear, the other interesting thing about the Cocoon 1 concept is they come with brightly colored modular furniture that can support anything from sleep to powering Wi-Fi devices, and intriguingly even cooking meals.

The Cocoon 1 can handle up to 440 pounds if suspended via a net and 551 pounds on the ground. Switzerland's Micasa Labs will release the Cocoon 1 for purchase in Fall of 2013 for $2990.

Enjoy the gallery showing the many options available for your little private little bubble.

Micasa Labs/Cocoon Life, via Inhabitat

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