Bladeless Exhale fan creates a vortex in your living room

It's not every day that someone comes up with a new design for a ceiling fan that both looks and functions better than the original, and it took some inspiration from a certain electrical genius to make it happen.

Or, almost happen: this futuristic-looking bladeless laminar vortex cyclonic homogenizing ceiling fan is looking for funding on Indiegogo, and is based on designs by Tesla.

Fans with blades attempt to mix air and create indoor breezes by violently beating air into submission. The Exhale fan takes a different approach: a stack of rapidly spinning discs sucks up air and then flings it out to the sides utilizing a phenomenon called laminar flow, in which air moves in a coherent, orderly, and altogether much more pleasant manner. This evenly mixes air through an entire room as opposed to just directly beneath it. It's also much quieter and more efficient than a traditional ceiling fan, and the risk of accidental decapitation (always a worry) is significantly less. Here's the Indiegogo pitch:

And also, this is pretty unusual:


Yep, reality matches the concept rendering. Wow.

The Exhale fan is currently on Indiegogo where it looks like it has a solid chance of reaching its funding goal; $250 (that's 50% off retail) gets you one from the first batch.

Via Indiegogo

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