Bird photo booth: say 'SEEDS!'

Taking pictures of birds is about to get a lot easier than frantically running after them with the biggest telephoto lens you can steal: now on Kickstarter is a remote-controlled bird photo booth that lets you take spectacular bird pictures without having to work for it.

Before we go any farther, here's the kind of picture that this contraption is capable of taking:


Yeah, not bad, right? All you have to do is bribe your airborne backyard buddies to come over with a big fat pan of seeds 'n' nuts 'n' stuff, insert a cellphone or other remote-controllable camera (like a GoPro) into a specially made pocket inside this bird photo booth (which is called the Bird Photo Booth) and snap away. The reason that it works as well as it does is that the housing includes a high quality macro lens, and the whole setup is really freakin' close to the bird. Like, inches away.

Despite being called the "Bird Photo Booth," the Bird Photo Booth can be used for all sorts of things thanks to its weatherproof and elegantly rugged design, and interchangeable lenses add versatility. It's currently on Kickstarter and about 30% funded with 28 days to go, so you can confidently snag your own for a pledge of $149, cameras sold separately. Check out the pitch below for more details.

Via Kickstarter

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