Beware: Posting pictures of your vote could land you in the pokey

Today is election day in the United States, and here at Dvice we urge all registered citizens to go out and vote. Just make sure that you check your state's laws about photography before posting pictures of you voting online, or you could end up in a heap of trouble.

The urge to Tweet a picture or post it to Facebook is strong, as far more people will see it than one of those silly "I voted" stickers, but you wouldn't want to lose that fancy new iPhone 5 simply to brag about voting.

The laws vary quite a lot from state to state, and some states will allow you to take a general picture of the polling area even if it's illegal to post a picture of the actual ballot itself.

Luckily, it's not too hard to figure out the law in your state, because a group called the Citizen Media Law Project has collected all of the data in one place. The table tells you whether you can take a picture of your marked ballot, or if pictures and video recording are legal at all in the polling station. Click on the state name for more info, including links to the actual statutes involved.

Back during the primaries I posted a picture of my polling place online, and was relieved to learn in retrospect that I didn't actually break any laws here in New York. After all, try explaining to the gang bangers in the jail holding pen that you were brought in for Tweeting a picture.

Citizen Media Law Project, via Slashgear

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