Bad Karma: 16 Fisker luxury hybrids explode when flooded by Sandy

The Finnish-built Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has quickly become the luxury ride of choice for rich folks who want to project a green-friendly image. A few of them will have to wait, however, after 16 of the cars caught fire and exploded after being flooded by the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy.

The $100,000 hybrids were sitting on the dockside in Port Newark, New Jersey after being unloaded from the ship that brought them from Finland. Apparently the cars were submerged by salt water, and then they caught fire and eventually exploded.

Fisker has issued a statement saying that nobody was injured, and that the cars were not being charged at the time. Port Newark remains off limits following the storm, putting any further investigation on hold.

This is not the first time Karmas have caught on fire. Back in May a car spontaneously burst into flames when parked in a Texas homeowner's garage, and in August one caught fire when parked outside a California supermarket. The August case was eventually traced to a problem not related to the car's drive system. Still, if I owned one, I would probably invest in a small fire extinguisher.

Jalopnik, via Treehugger

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