Apprehended North Korean assassin's toolkit revealed for all to see

South Korean authorities apprehended a would-be assassin from their neighbors to the north. The assassin's trade tools have been shared with the media for the first time. If anything, the episode proves the enduring popularity of the ballpoint pen as a trick weapon.

The three weapons are straight out of a James Bond villain's repertoire. A pen with a poison-tipped blade rather than a point was option number one. The poison causes paralysis followed by suffocation and death. The second weapon, also a pen, held a single poison filled bullet. There was also a flashlight that fired three bullets — the South Korean official noted that the flashlight weapon had never been seen before. Out of curiosity, they fired one of the bullets. The flashlight gun works quite well, as demonstrated in the video below.

The target of the assassin was Park Sang-hak, a North Korean defector and activist known for sending anti-DPRK pamphlets across the border in balloons. The North Korean government has made it quite clear that Mr. Park's activities could have consequences far beyond his own assassination. Mr. Park has made it equally clear that he will not stop his activism, no matter the threat.


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