Apple pays the Swiss $21 million for that clock face

What's the most you would consider paying for a watch? Currently, I've got a $50 Timex with sweet brown leather band, and I'm not complaining. I'd maybe go to $75 if the thing had a mini-sundial on it. Well, how's $21 million grab you? Because that's what Apple paid.

Yep. You may remember the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) service being a tad unhappy by Apple's clock-face design in iOS 6, because SBB claimed the clocks looked fairly similar to their own famed design.

It should be noted that they did look pretty much exactly like each other, as you can see above. That design was created in 1944 by Hans Hilfiker, an SBB employee. It's since been placed in train stations throughout Switzerland and has been honored by the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and London Design Museum (London).

Mondaine, a Swiss watch manufacturer, has rights to the design, and Apple now joins them, after paying $21 million for the privilege.


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