3D photo booth gives you a print of your head while you wait

A couple of month's ago, Makerbot opened the first retail 3D printing store in the U.S., located in the hip confines of New York's lower Manhattan area. Now the company has taken another step towards popularizing 3D printing by unveiling a 3D photo booth.

The MakerBot 3D Photo Booth allows anyone to create a three-dimensional model of their head by simply sitting in the booth and allowing ShapeShot to capture their visual data for $5 per shot. After the data is captured, the person can give the data to the MakerBot store attendant to have it printed into a physical item, or the data can be taken home and modified for those with the digital chops to manipulate the data.

Here are some example heads:


The $5 fee only covers the facial scan and having it actually printed at the store will cost more, and MakerBot has said that these costs vary depending on size.

Via MakerBot

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