15 gifts for baby's first Geeksmas

The holidays can be a tough pill to swallow, what with all the glitz and glam and rushed, angry people on the streets. It is almost enough to make a person forget the charm that can come along with the season: the sipping of hot cider while wrapped up in a blanket; watching as a child gleefully tears into a lovingly decorated gift; the twinkle in that same child's eye as they realize what the mysterious parcel was hiding away for them.

Spending time with small children during the holidays can be a magical experience. There is something in that honest joy that hearkens back through the ages. You can almost imagine how such festivities began, back when we all needed a bit of cheer to get through the cold dark winter. And what gift is more fun than one that brings a smile to both baby and adult alike? It is in this spirit that we present these 15 gifts for the tiniest geek on your list.


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