14 stylish gadgets and accessories to give dapper geeks

The end of the year is a magical time. Video game companies are releasing their blockbuster titles, cellphone companies are revealing their secret weapons, and Hallmark is selling me more Star Wars ornaments. Plus, everything is on sale! In short, it's time to gear up.

That said, us geeks can be hard to shop for. Every year, I go to great pains to inform my family about my gaming and collectable preferences. Despite my best efforts, I'm far more likely to tear open a box containing cologne or a new sweater than that Nein Numb mini bust I wanted. And when this inevitably results in my throwing a Veruca Salt-esque tantrum, what is their excuse? "You're over 30, son." Pitiful.

Well, no more! This year I've bested them at their own game. I'll grow up all right, but I'll do it on my own terms. After all, there's no rule that says geeks can't look classy. In fact, here are 14 gifts that are not only awesome, but fashionable as well.


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