Video: Can these household items save scratched DVDs?

Scratched discs are hardly a new problem, but if you're feeling desperate or just want to test out some wacky things other folks have tried, read on. I bet there are a couple of home remedies here that you haven't used to fix your damaged DVDs.

In the video below, Yahoo's Becky Worley tests the effectiveness of four common home products in repairing those annoying disc skips. The following are her findings, ranked from worst (#4) to best (#1) (The suspense is just eating you up inside, isn't it?):

#4 Toothpaste: For a lightly scratched disc, Worley had to polish twice, but it played fine after the second attempt. For a DVD with more serious scratches, the toothpaste did nothing to rescue the disc — even after three tries.

#3 Banana: Yep. A bunch of places suggest using a banana to buff away any scratches. Worley rubbed the banana and then the inside of the banana peel on the disc. Then she rinsed it with water, polished it with a cloth and let it dry. It worked for a slightly damaged disc, but had no impact on the one with major scratches.

#2 Furniture polish: For light scratches, Pledge worked wonders, but for more serious damage you might need to try polishing twice or step it up to…

#1 Car wax: (Disclaimer: A Barney DVD was scratched mercilessly with a nail file for the sake of this experiment. To prove how scientific this was, Becky tested it in the player before using the car wax and it read "invalid disc." Aw.) Becky used liquid Turtle Wax "in an in-to-out motion" on the Barney DVD with a soft cloth, rinsed it and let it dry. Voila! It played perfectly.

Have you ever tried one of these home remedies — did it work?

Via Yahoo

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