Winter storms now get names, and they are thoroughly geeky

Whenever the sky dumps more than a foot of snow on us, we'll come up with "Snowmageddon" and a host of other snow-tagged monikers because winter storms have not been given names like their high-class summer cousins the hurricanes. Thanks to The Weather Channel, we have a definitive list to choose from.

Star Trek fans will surely swoon when they hear Khan and Q are amongst the names. As you can see from the list, there are also a shout outs to The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Just about the only thing missing is the chance for a storm to be called Doctor Who.

According to The Weather Channel, the names have nothing to do with what we think they do. You know, all that sci-fi and fantasy nonsense. Winter storms are serious business, and serious business means serious names. In fact, the service has provided its definitions for us here.

Okay, I get why you might want to call a six-foot snowstorm "Zeus" or some other mighty mythological character, and I'm down with that. Try convincing me Q is named after anything other than the omnipotent and inscrutable being from Star Trek:TNG, however, and I'm baffled.

And while Rocky may not be a sci-fi character, he's a bonafide badass, so that has to count for something. Even Yogi was smarter than your average bear. Both are worthy of being recognized for their accomplishments in the form of a winter storm name.

In the U.S. summer storms have been named since the 1940s and alternate between male and female names that are chosen by the National Hurricane Center. Sadly, winter storms haven't really had the same kind of naming advocate, and The Weather Channel felt like snowstorms needed the same kind of gravitas having a name adds.

The service believes having a name for a winter storm makes it easier for people to follow in the media — especially on social media, where people are tracking progress and sharing information at rapid speeds. Plus, it gives us a way to refer to the storm as it passes into history. So, instead of referring to the "February Storm of 2012," we can now refer to storms by a proper name, like "KHAAAANNN!"

That makes perfect sense to me. For the record Weather Channel, if you are thinking of names for next year, I'd suggest Enterprise, Dalek and Chewbacca, but that's just to get the conversation started.

The Weather Channel, via Grist

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