Wii U Console only a 'stagehand' to the Gamepad's performance

In the latest Iwata Asks, the Nintendo CEO sat down with a roundtable of hardware and software wonks that helped conceive the Wii U. One key concept hit on was a de-emphasis on the console itself; Managing Director Genyo Takeda termed it "hardware as stagehand."

You can see it for yourself in Nintendo's marketing materials. The Wii U console is underplayed as compared to the Gamepad. It's clear where Nintendo wants us to focus. As it turns out, that's by design. In a rather forthright admission, the roundtable discusses the "cheerless" nature of working on the design for the Wii U console.

Nintendo employed a common technique in modern industrial design: minimalism. Nintendo sought to reduce the device to the background while keeping its functionality in the foreground. It's a perfect match for the Wii U console's role as a stagehand in the the Japanese giant's new gaming experience.

The roundtable goes on to discuss the guts of the Wii U in a way that the company has shied away from in the past. No specs are revealed, but an emphasis on consistent performance and low power draw is revealed. There's also a great photo set of a clear Wii U. Take a look at the guts at the link below.

Via Iwata Asks

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