What do you do with old phone booths? Make fish tanks, of course

In many cities, payphones are rapidly disappearing from the streets, which is no real surprise in a world where most people carry a cellphone. But what do you do with all those old phone booths? A Japanese art collective has come up with their own plan, and are turning Osaka's disused booths into giant fish tanks.

The retrofit includes waterproofing the box and installing an aeration system so the fish can breathe. They even leave the old phone in there just in case one of the fish wants to make a call. Just how they feed the fish and keep the water cool isn't clear, and I'm not sure I would like to be the person who has to clean out all the fish poop.

More importantly, where the heck is Clark Kent going to change into Superman if there's a crisis in Osaka?

Check out the gallery to see some of Osaka's phone booth aquariums.

Atlantic Cities, via TreeHugger

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