Watch a passing helicopter rescue an R/C airplane from a tree

Helicopters are amazing. They're big, complicated, noisy machines that fly in a perpetual state of borderline instability, but can somehow magically hover in one spot in midair. As it turns out, this comes in particularly handy if your fancy R/C P-51 Mustang just landed at the very top of a tree.

Now, we have no idea whether this is something that you're supposed to do, or even allowed to do, with a full-size Robinson R-22 helicopter, especially if you're busy instructing a student pilot on how to behave at the controls. On the other hand, isn't this exactly the sort of thing that helicopters are for?

One warning; the helicopter pilots get pretty carried away by what they're doing, and they end up using some strong language to express themselves, so we'd probably have to tag the following video as not safe for work or kids.

Via Reddit

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