Watch a new Navy robot dance the Gangnam style

When the tides of life find most of us dancing, it's a sort-of-messy affair, best achieved via a bit of whisky and best left to the eyes of strangers, never to be seen again. But Virginia Tech's five-foot tall humanoid robot CHARLI-2 busts a move whenever he damn well pleases.

Generally, the Navy uses old CHARLI-2 for research on its ability to fight fires, but he clearly adheres by the work-hard-play-hard philosophy.

The Navy is seeking a robot to keep aboard ships in case of fires. Currently, a robot named Octavia is being experimented with, but she rides around on a wheeled chassis, which doesn't exactly bode well for dancing. Or, more importantly I guess, being quite as mobile to perform the tasks set for it.

And if a robot can fight fires, it can do other ship tasks a.k.a. scrub the desks ye scervy scerves. I need to work on my pirate lingo, apparently.

In addition, CHARLI-2 is an incredibly advanced robot in terms of software. It can actually orient itself, which pretty much makes for better anything.

But, most important, here's a video of him dancing Gangnam style.

Via Wired

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