Video chat glasses map your face to create a real-time avatar

Video chat was supposed to be the future, but even a celebrity-endorsed service like Airtime is failing to woo the masses. Bandwidth and hardware aren't the problem, so maybe it's the notion of having to be "camera ready" that's stalling the space. Docomo's new video chat glasses may offer a solution.

Unveiled at this week's CEATEC conference in Japan, Docomo's video chat glasses map the user's face in real time, and then project a fully synced on-screen avatar in place of the user's real image. A rear-camera also captures and projects the background that the wearer is sitting in, thus delivering a video stream of an unreal-looking avatar in a very real environment. Giving users the ability to roll out of bed sans make-up or a hot shower and instantly flip on a video chat session could ultimately encourage more users to ditch their shyness and engage video chat on a larger scale.

The developers behind the project hope to bring the device to the commercial market within five years. You can see Docomo's video chat glasses in action in the video below.

Via Phileweb

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