Tumblr helps define Web 2.0 election coverage — with GIFs

Tumblr, detecting an acute sense of election fatigue, has brought together an Avengers-style elite group of GIF-makers to cover the three upcoming presidential debates, as well as the singular vice presidential debate. This group of professional GIF-makers will assemble at gifwich.tumblr.com at the prescribed times to cover the political bloodshed.

We have confirmed with traditional media outlets that Tumblr's election coverage will have more neon, cats and hipsters than all its competitors combined. While the usefulness of the exercise won't be the only thing up for debate, it will no doubt be effective at making popcorn out of this election cycle. If nothing else, Tumblr's experiment could prove to be a useful second-screen experience, augmenting a serious night with a healthy serving of WTFBBQ.

For those interested, the debate schedule is:

  • October 3rd: Presidential debate on domestic policy
  • October 11th: Vice Presidential debate on foreign and domestic policy
  • October 16th: Presidential town hall on foreign and domestic policy
  • October 22nd: Presidential debate on foreign policy

Via Tumblr Staff Blog and GIFwich

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