Video: Transforming humanoid robot channels Michael Jackson

Truly affordable personal humanoid robots are probably at least another decade or two away, but in the meantime there are a few options for those of us on a budget looking for our robotic fix. The latest starter robot is actually a transforming speaker that can dance better than most humans.

Created by Vietnam-based Tosy, the mRobo has 2 gigabytes of memory and can store up to 500 songs that you can load via USB and play by using the device's remote control. Not only does the mRobo play its own music, but you can also stream music into it via Bluetooth. Once the music begins you can prompt the speaker to begin its transformation into a surprisingly convincing humanoid robot with a number of entertaining dance moves.

Unveiled at this week's CEATEC conference in Japan, the company is planning to release the mRobo later this fall for $199. You can see the mRobo in action in the video below.

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