Eyeglasses may soon be a thing of the past

To the disappointment of fashion-forward folks everywhere, eyeglasses might be a thing of the past. I have to admit a pathetic bit of me died when I read the news and found out I might not need my spectacles. But there may be a cure for nearsightedness on the way.

Researchers at the State University of New York college of Optometry have been experimenting with a new contact lens that helps the eye not malform at a early age, which is how most vision problems form. Instead, the eye would form correctly. And, as obviously follows, eyeglasses would be only necessary to join electro-centric indie rock bands. The researchers "successfully reduced the elongation of the eye that causes myopia progression."

This would essentially make eyeglasses a moot point, at least for those with nearsightedness. Of course, this is still experimental, but Rivers Cuomo is probably fretting a bit at this point.

Via TechCrunch

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