The world's weirdest pillow design is real, thanks to Kickstarter

We cover a lot of concepts, often deliberately ridiculous. Not so that they'll never exist, but to make you think: why not build "earthscrapers" that pierce deep into the Earth? We first saw the ridiculously great Ostrich Pillow last year, and now, after a successful Kickstarter, it's being made into a fully realized product.

From "young architecture and design studio" Kawamura-Ganjavian out of Europe, the Ostrich Pillow is all about creating the perfect isolated space for you to nap. With your head inside, your eyes are covered and your hearing is dampened, and you can even stick your arms into its holes to go into complete head-in-the-sand mode.

That looks like this:


Love it.

The Ostrich Pillow launched on Kickstarter just over two weeks ago and is already well on its way to double the $70,000 it asked for. Early birds were able to snag one for $60, though you can still get in on the napping revolution for $75. Pillows are slated to ship out in December.

Worth noting is the FAQ on Kickstarter for the Ostrich Pillow, which is surprisingly comprehensive. There, you'll find napping tips and important answers, such as those to "Can it be used whilst having a bath?" and "How do you breathe?" It's pretty clear that these folks are serious about napping. In response to "What do I say to people who accuse me of being lazy while napping?", the FAQ reads: "Tell them that in fact, you are working on being more efficient by napping, and then drop the following facts: …NASA studies have proved that brain function improves dramatically when taking a nap." (Link ours.)

Via Kickstarter

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