The FTC's holding an anti-telemarketing contest

Nothing really is more fun than stopping in the middle of dinner to answer a pressing call from a telemarketer. Especially when it's a robot offering the call. Expect, of course, anything at all. The Federal Trade Commission knows this, of course, and had decided once and for all to eliminate the telemarketing robot call.

Though the FTC outlawed commercial telemarketing calls in September 2009, it didn't really stop anything, as anyone with a telephone and a predisposition to bad luck can attest to. But the FTC is now offering $50,000 to anyone who will come up with a way to eliminate the telemarketing robocall.

The systems generally tend to be complex, including spoofed caller IDs and other means to get around general security. The contest for the 50 G's will include proof of effectiveness on different types of phones, ease of solution implementation and finally how practical it is to deploy.

Teams with ten employees or fewer will be able to snag the cash, though those with more folks can get an achievement award. It opens on Oct. 25 and runs through Jan. 17. Check out this site for more details.

Via ars technica

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