Tesla coil Nerf gun makes you the geekiest gunslinger in town

Tesla coils are always fun to watch, what with their awesome displays of electrical power. The real sci-fi dream, of course, is to turn one into a lightning gun. That was the thought that got hacker Rob Flickenger working on a way to make the first Tesla coil gun.

Inspired by a graphic novel titled The Five Fists of Science where Nikola Tesla himself battles crime with a pair of hand-held Tesla coils, Flickenger turned to the Nerf gun as his starting point, but rebuilt it into something far more sinister looking.

It turns out that the Nerf gun's plastic isn't really up to the task of handling all that electrical power, so Flickenger ended up recreating an exact replica using aluminum and ABS plumbing pipe. Power comes from the 18-volt battery from his electric drill, while the coils were hand-wound using #30 copper wire. With all of that custom manufacturing, the cost to build it ended up being a pretty hefty $800, but that's a small price to pay for a guarantee that you'll have the coolest DIY goodie at any gathering.

Check out the video for a short description from Flickenger of how he built it, and a brief clip of the gun in action.

Just don't point it at me.

Via PopSci

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