This rocking chair is really a $1,300 iDevice dock

With more and more older people getting accustomed to using the latest tech, it would be nice if all of the accessories on the market didn't look like they were designed to appeal to youngsters. This iPad-friendly rocking chair should redress the balance, letting granny charge her devices as she rocks away to the latest Pat Boone hits.

The iRock chair lets Granny pass the hours by rocking away on the porch, all while checking her email and cranking out some favorite tunes. The chair has a built-in generator that spits out a little juice with each rock, passing it into the iPad or iPhone connected to its dock. Supposedly, one hour of rocking will get an iPad up to 35% of a full charge.

That's pretty cool by itself but the iRock goes one step further, with a pair of 25-watt speakers built into the back of the chair. This means granny can get her revenge on the kids with some pumped up jams of her own.

What tunes do you think granny should have in her playlist for her iRock sessions? How about Rock Around the Clock or Kiss's Rock 'N' Roll All Nite? I say whatever gets granny to keep her tech charged up.

The iRock is available now for $1,300 in white, with other colors to be added soon.

iRock, via Core77

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