Super creepy deep-sea noises…what's going on down there??

There's a lot going on in the deep sea — things that make noises creepy enough to make the perfect Halloween soundtrack. Screeching, mysterious 'bloops', the unlikely call of a train whistle, and other sounds picked up by underwater microphones are all delightfully haunting.

Icebergs are the surprising culprit for most of the noises as they lumber around. When icebergs have pieces crack off, drag along the ocean floor or run themselves aground they can sound pretty unusual. Then there is the noise that is "origin unresolved"…

The video below shows provides visuals and insights as to what's going on (except for that unsettling origin unresolved sound) so you'll only be mildly surprised at what's going on in the deep sea as you watch. Play this in a dark room where you don't have the context and it might send shivers down your spine.

Via Live Science

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