Students take over Large Hadron Collider to shoot a zombie film

When the scientists fired up the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) earlier this year, hopes were high that some of our questions about the universe would be answered via the discovery of the Higgs boson. But months later, another group decided the LHC had another, more entertaining purpose: zombie movie set.

Decay is a film that claims to be shot on location at the LHC by a group of PhD physics students. The premise set up in the trailer shows us a group of scientists who indicate that the LHC must be shut down or disaster will strike. Shortly thereafter, the zombies appear, indicating that there might be a connection between the Higgs Boson and& the undead!

In terms of quality, the project looks very low-budget, and one scene that shows a computer graphic with the name Weyland Yutani (Alien) next to a symbol that looks a lot like the Umbrella Corporation logo (Resident Evil) indicates that this less a serious film effort and more a chance to utilize the spooky corridors of the LHC.

The creators of the video state that this project wasn't authorized or endorsed by CERN, and there's no word on what school all the students are from, however, the director, Luke Thompson, appears to be from the University of Manchester. You can check out footage of the film in the video trailer below.

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