Spider attacks wasp 100 million years ago, makes news today

Researchers from Oregon State University have found a fossilized, in progress spider attack. The prey is a small wasp that never quite met its fate. Aside, from being an absurdly cool two-for-one special, the fossil is also a unique find.

The fossil was discovered in present-day Myanmar (also known as Burma). The attack however, took place roughly 100 million years ago. While conducting their work, OSU researchers also developed a penchant for terrifyingly poignant quotes. Paleo-entomologist George Poinar Jr. wrote that "This was the wasp's worst nightmare, and it never ended."

Poinar goes on to describe the situation as you would expect it to play out. The wasp bumbled into the spider's web and just before the predator could chow down, they were both covered in tree resin. 100 million years later, they're having their Jurassic Park moment.

Historical Biology via Medical Daily

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