Sony's next-gen Move could heat up or cool down as you play

Sony's new patent application puts a new spin on a Nintendo idea that never quite saw release. Sony is running with the idea of biometric feedback, seeking a controller that provides force feedback well beyond a rumble pack.

The next generation Dual Shock or Move could potentially heat up or cool off based on the games you play and the way your body is reacting to them.

The patent application itself is rife with interesting ideas. When a gun overheats in a game these days, there is usually a small meter that the player must keep an eye on to prevent the weapon from becoming unusable. Using a heat-adjusting controller, that same situation could be conveyed to the player more, and in a more intuitive and immersive fashion. The patent also cites uses more practical than artistic, such as cooling the controller when the system senses your sweaty palms.

While the patent application only cites what looks like the Move controller, it applies for motion controllers more generally. We will forgive you forgetting, much like Sony has, that the Dual Shock is a motion controller as well.

FPO via Kotaku

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